Specwall is a certified walling system, which is designed to replace traditional blockwork & plasterboard. The system uses cutting edge technology for both internal and external walls. 

By using eco-friendly building supplies such as Specwall in your development, you will reduce your labour and wastage by up to 70%.

The Specwall product is fully tested and certified to UK and EU standards. The system is quick to produce and ready to install safely and efficiently. This improves the speed of the build and quality of life for the end users.

A cutting edge system that provides quicker to install, ready-to-paint walls. With insulation, acoustic and fireproof values all included. There is no other wall comparable to the speed and cost of its installation.

Specwall is already being used in various sectors including residential, commercial, industrial, healthcare and military. So revolutionise your construction projects and enquire about Specwall today.



advantages of specwall

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